The technical team

Initial key technical leaders either worked directly on INTEL [WindRiver or Tizen] projects; either have recognized skills on embedded Linux and real hands on experiences on telecoms, automotive,  marine or military applications. Every technical staff member is well known and accepted as significant contributors within the OpenSource community

Fulup Le Foll: CEO, Lead Architect

Fulup holds a master from the French military academy of Arcueil near Paris. He started his career working for French DOD as research engineer at the CELAR [Centre Electronic de l'Armement de Bruz/Rennes] where he worked on real-time operating systems for helicopter and planes simulators.
In 1990 he quits the public sector and took the technical direction of « Wind River System » in Europe. Associated professor at South Brittany University he taught about the internal structure of operating systems, embedded systems, Internet and mobile architectures. Fulup spoke during multiple international conferences and actively participate as technical expert within normalization groups at a world wide level. He's currently a delegate for Renesas within GENIVI and AGL consortiums.
  • 2015 IOT.BZH CEO: architect in charge of Linux distribution dedicated to the “Internet of Things” vertical markets: AGL/Genevi and Tizen/IVI for the automotive and Tizen/Common for TV and mobiles.
  • 2012-2015 independent consultant: he focus on mobile and internet architecture and collaborated as senior analyst with KuppingerCole on consumer mobiles security issues.
  • 2000-2012 Internet Architect at Sun-Microsystems/Oracle: he manage a team of International architects and massively scale Internet and mobile infrastructures from small-medium to extra-large. He received the “president award” in 2004 and was nominated « Principal Engineer» for his work in 2005.

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Stéphane Desneux: CTO, Principal Release Engineer

Stéphane is a Principal Software Engineer and holds a master in Computer science & Electronics from ISEP, Paris. He began his career in the domain of databases and was specialized in datacenter technologies. Early adopter of Linux, he co-founded Open Care in 1999 which was one of the first IT companies in Europe to offer technical support, development and professional services on free software. Since then, his experience has led him to be responsible for multiple R&D departments, always involved in breakthrough technologies: digital signage, innovative web development, behavioral analysis on the web, embedded marine systems design. In the last years, as principal engineer in charge of Tizen:Common & IVI releases, Stéphane led Tizen 3.x efforts for Intel.
  • 2015: Co-founder of - CTO for this company.
  • 2012-2015: Principal engineer on Tizen project - Release Engineer for Tizen:Common/IVI
  • 2010-2012: Consultant in Embedded Systems - Designer of embedded marine systems

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José Bollo: Senior Linux Security Expert


José worked over ten years as software developer on automation of measure for the industry (automotive and aviation). He worked almost in C and C++ for DOS and Windows. Then he worked over ten year as software engineer-researcher in audio signal processing: 3D rendering of audio signal, noise reduction, echo cancellation, watermarking, voice recognition, voice recognition learning server farm, voice servers. This mixed many platforms: linux, windows, ARM based devices. I mostly used C/C++ but also mixed many java, html and javascript. After that, during almost three years, he worked on the Tizen project. he joined the security team of Tizen and released the security model of Tizen 3. I made presentations about the Tizen's security. He has strong skills in C/C++ system programming and in Smack based linux security.
  • 2015: Senior software engineer,
  • 2012-2015: Tizen development as release engineer and security expert,
  • 1997-2009: Research software engineer in audio signal processing,
  • 1987-1996: Software developer in automation of measure for automotive and aviation industries

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Ronan le Martret: Embedded Software Engineer


Ronan holds a master's degree in systems ,signals, automatic and industrial computer and as over 15 years of experiences.

Ronan worked over ten years on embedded system (meego, tizen, buildroot, yocto, AGL).

Before that Ronan was involved in industrial project :

  • Leading technical development and creation of a 3D scanner
  • Development of CNC machine
  • Development of AGV (automated guided vehicle)


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Romain Forlot: Linux Embedded Engineer

Romain worked over ten years as Linux system administrator in Syleps group (industrial IT for agrobusiness). He worked almost on Linux, AIX Unix and MS Windows. He is specialized on Open Source supervision starting on Nagios then upgrade to Shinken framework few years later. Few contributions later he became core developer of Shinken solution. Aside of that, he works on different technologies like Oracle Application Server and Database, or Spacewalk, Active Directory. Linux early adopter in the beginning of 2000, like to spreads its philosophy and participate a bit with Fedora 18 documentation.
  • 2016 : Embedded Engineer at ,
  • 2006-2016 : System Administrator at Syleps Group ,

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Loïc Collignon: Linux Embedded Engineer

Loïc worked almost ten years as a software architect in ERP domain. He worked mainly in C# but also in C and C++ and Visual Basic (4, 6 and .net). He is passionate about programming since he was 6 and started learning back then some languages like x86 asm, C and C++. He is also a maker enthusiast, so he built some toys like a pet fountain using proximity sensor or an arduino based rover.
  • 2017 : Embeded Engineer at
  • 2007 - 2017 : Software Architect at AG2L.

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Sébastien Douheret: Embedded Linux Kernel Expert

Sebastien holds a master's degree in electronics & computer engineering from INSA Rennes and as over 17 years of experiences.
He started his professional activities in inspection systems domain by designing hardware modules and developing real time drivers.
He later joined Interface Concept where he developed bios and Linux BSPs and drivers for communication boards.
Prior to, he worked at Wind River as a senior software engineer during 10 years. He developed and maintained debugging and profiling tools for embedded systems running VxWorks or Linux. More recently he was in charge to develop cloud based tools for the Wind River IoT cloud solutions.
  • 2017: Senior software engineer
  • 2007 - 2017: Wind River: Senior software engineer
  • 2002 - 2007: Interface Concept: Embedded software engineer
  • 2000 - 2002: Edixia Automation: Embedded software engineer

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Frédéric Marec : Embedded Engineer


Frédéric has a Master degree in information systems security (ISTIC Rennes 1). He did all his higher education in Rennes, consisting of a degree in software engineering and a master in information systems security. It has skills in C #, C ++ and java as well as X86 assembly and python. Passionate of media and new technologies it has for goal to create a small robot to bring back everything. After completing his studies he joined as an embedded engineer in 2017. He is currently working on creating an architecture for continuous integration.
  • 2017 : Embedded Engineer at ,

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