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This presentation was given at DevOps Wold / Jenkins World in Lisbona.

As today automotive software capabilities are one of the main motivation to choose one model over an other. Thus a modern car easily runs 50 to 100 millions lines of code distributed on more than one hundred SoC/ECU connected by ten or more different networks. At the same time, automotive remains a very strongly cost driven market where short term profits are impossible. This imposes OEMs to keep running the same hardware platform for a minimum of 5 years. OEMs have to both apply security patches and add as many new functionality as expected by the market while having little or even no margin to improve hardware. This conflict of inovation versus stability is only possible with ten years or more long term maintenance contract and a very strict test and continuous software integration process.

This talk details the reasons why these new trends are key for automotive and many other industries. It exposes how based on lessons learn proposes a solution to fulfill embedded software long term support. How to scale it to very complex systems with “in production” multiple software versions, multiple hardware revisions, thousands of components coming from multiple sources and last but not least hundreds of developers.

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