Secured Open Source Embedded Software

This presentation focuses on the features of the AGL SDK solution proposed by

  • using Docker to create the SDK
  • SDK demo
  • future enhancements

This content has been first presented at the AGL All Member Meeting (Tokyo, Winter 2016)

Download slides [here]

Part 1: using Docker to create the SDK

  • how to create a binary distribution for application development
  • how to share this reference environment amongst developers
  • how to get ubiquity: development on the cloud, on-premises, on a single laptop

Part 2: SDK demo

  • define a target device
  • create an application
  • build and deploy application
  • run application
  • debug application remotely

Part 3: future enhancements

  • AGL plugin for Eclipse
  • applications profiling
  • target device emulator through qemu

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