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(This presentation was given at FOSDEM 2016, Brussels ; see link here)

 Here in, we are greatly concerned about applications for AGL ; not so much about writing them (though we do provide some !) than providing a easy-to-use framework for automotive developers.

Automotive development used to be a very specific field, with very specialized developers writing very low-level native code for a very specific brand of car. Meanwhile, newer concepts such as Application Stores and technologies such as HTML5 took power over the mobile (Smartphones & Tablets) market.

AGL specification 1.0 now explicitly mentions a store (see page 10) ! If we want to get there and gather developers from various backgrounds around AGL, we need to provide a cross-platform and easy way to publish applications.

Download slides [here]


Hence why the meta-iot-agl Yocto layer for AGL, which provides :

  • an application manager which instals, starts, stop and uninstalls applications provided as .wgt packages ;
  • a binder daemon which passes HTTP REST calls to platform plugins (AM/FM radio, Media Player...) ;
  • security, under the form of SMACK labels combined with the application manager's isolation logic ;
  • sample applications, plain HTML5 ones as well as hybrid ones.

What is interesting here, is that the hybrid app successfully uses modern frameworks such as AngularJS and Foundation !

In the talk, I happened to live-modify the hybrid app into the NetBeans IDE. I hope you find it interesting !

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