Secured Industrial Embedded Linux

BSP Development Kit allows developers to rebuild a complete bootable image from source code. It uses Yocto/Poky version 2.x with latest version of Renesas BSP and enables low-level development of drivers and system services.

BSP Development Kit is composed of:

  • A Docker container with AGL distribution preconfigured on Yocto 2.x.
  • A documentation guide on how to build from scratch an image for Porter (download [here])
  • A documentation guide on how to bake a new low level system service (download [here])



Image for Porter board

This document focuses on building from scratch an AGL 2.0 image for Porter
board, within a Docker container.

Download here: AGL_Phase2-Devkit-Image_for_porter.pdf


Howto bake a service

This document focuses on the procedure to add a new low level system service
to the target firmware image. More specially, it highlights the integration of
the system daemon named “hostapd” in the Yocto image built within the
Devkit container.

Download here: AGL_Phase2-Devkit-HowTo_bake_a_service.pdf

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