Secured Industrial Embedded Linux

This presentation was given at AGL All Member Meeting in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Cars remain expensive, customers expect long warranty and strong aftersales services. For OEMs car development costs increase making short term profits impossible. They must leverage software update to add new features while keeping same hardware during minimum 5 years of serial life. So, OEMs LTS contract requirements may quickly extend to 20 years.

Cybersecurity legislation moves. Following European Cybersecurity Act, the ENISA passed a cybersecurity certification schema. If until now OEMs had limited interest in this topic, they will be forced to take seriously into consideration these new legal constraints and propose security patches during the whole vehicle lifetime.

This talk details the reasons why these new trends are important for OEMs and exposes how based on lessons learnt proposes a solution to fulfill LTS and cybersecurity certifications requirements.

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