Secured Open Source Embedded Software

This presentation was given at ALS 2017 in Tokyo.

Securing V2C [Vehicle to Cloud] is one of the fundamental challenge for connected car to become an every day reality. On one hand we have to enable and secure dedicated cloud automotive services such as: data analytic, telematics, car sharing, traffic optimization, etc... On the other hand customers want a smooth access to existing well known services like Spotify/Deezer to stream their preferred music inside the car with a user experience equivalent to the one they already know at home or on mobile.

This talk explains how using OpenIdConnect and oAuth2 to enable access to exiting non automotive Internet services in a simple and secure manner, in such a way that the system could be used for both online and offline services.

The talk presents a high level vision of required OpenId/oAuth protocols. Then it proposes an architecture model to enable them natively inside AGL.

Download the detailed PDF presentation: [here] (ALS 2017 Tokyo,  June 1, 2017)

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