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This presentation takes “Connected Boat” project as an example of using AGL for other industries. It compares automotive and navigation requirements, proposes some options to bridge the GAP (eg: CAN to NMEA2000), multi-display, audio, …

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This slideshow was used as support for a lesson given at "Université de Bretagne Sud" (University of South Britany).

It presents many aspect of AGL and its framework. It can be used as starter overview browsing every AGL feature.

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This talk presented at ALS 2018 in Tokyo covers the latest development tools available in AGL:
* XDS - Build, Deploy, Run, Debug applications
* Applications Lifecycle (signing, installing, updating ...)
* Monitoring, Supervision and Tests
* AGL profiles (IVI, Cluster, Telematics, ...) - Tailor your AGL platform

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While AGL started as "IVI only", today the industry is asking for more: Cluster, Telematics, etc. Many of those new profiles requires “Real Time” capabilities. Everyone understand that a cluster should not slow down because the navigation is recomputing a route, that rear-camera should start before the radio, or that emergency icon should not stop working because the audio subsystem crashes.

The talk proposes to explore potential routes on how AGL could address “Real Time” constrains and support more critical automotive use-cases. First it explains how AGL application framework may leverage standard Linux features as “RT-preempt” to isolate tasks and grant hard priorities. Then it explores how AGL could link with the world of “micro-controller”, describing the contains for a native AGL “binding” to run on a mini-kernel as Zephyr or others equivalent minimalist operating systems.

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Pourquoi et comment sécuriser les véhicules connectés de prochaines génération. Présentation dans le contexte du HichHack 2018 à l'ENSIBS de Vannes.

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