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This presentation was given by Romain Forlot and Sebastien Douheret at AGL F2F meeting in Karlsruhe by and presents work done and next steps around the Vehicle To Cloud domain.
The first part of this presentation is an update of Signal Composer component and the second part exposes solutions for Telematic and Debugging data.

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The main purpose is to present an architecture to build and test embedded applications automatically. Frédéric Marec take time to make an overview of Jenkins architecture and latest features. Then he put the focus on Jenkins V2 and the advantages in using pipelines. He make an overview about X(cross) Development System tool. Finaly he show how to pipeline and XDS to build an application, test it, publish it.

Download the presentation :  (PDF format)


This presentation was given at AMM 2018 in Tokyo.

AGL/eel announced at CES/2018 introduced a new ‘4a’ audio architecture. While this initial version provides to developers many advanced features used within audio complex automotive use-cases, it nevertheless requires some significant improvement before being classify as “Production Ready”.

This presentation first exposes current ‘4a’ architecture and functionalities as available in AGL/eel. Then it exposes some potential tracks for improvement. How to reduce configuration complexity, how to support external policy engine, how to provide a smoother integration with pulse, etc.


Download the latest presentation (PDF format)[here]


This talk was given at ENSIBS Vannes to present and Automotive Grade Linux project and ecosystem.

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AGL Security Blueprint available online on AGL doc website  has been revamped and completed by Vincent Nieutin /
A proposal has been posted online (still on AGL doc website beside the current version: here  ) and is under review by the AGL community.
This proposal includes information of existing Security Blueprint reorganized in a more logical way (bottom to top : hardware to applications,updates) and uses colored sections to highlight and easily identify criticals items.
Some missing parts like SOTA or Secure development have also been added.

[Click here] to download the PDF version of this updated Security Blueprint.

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