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Cars are expensive pieces of equipment, yet they represent a huge mass market. Adding Internet connectivity to previous elements generates perfect conditions for the growth of a viable business model on attacking “Connected Cars”. It is already well understood that cars will be connected and connected cars will be attacked. While it's still too early to predict with certainty how “Connected Cars” will be impacted by security flaws, making the assumption that a car should be at least as secure as a TV, a set-top-box or a smart phone should make sense to everyone. This white paper focuses on how Linux best practices security mechanisms that could be used today and within the next couple of years to make connected cars safer and more secure.

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This document explains step by step how to bootstrap a Porter board with AGL distribution and latest Renesas BSP then run a sample AGL application. This document is available in PDF.

The following topics are covered:

  • instructions to build an embedded image of AGL 1.0 “Albacore” based on Yocto Project 1.7 and Renesas BSP (meta-renesas)
  • instructions on how to install and boot the image on Porter board
  • instructions on how to add and run a “Hello World” application in the runtime system

Download document [here].

This document explains step by step how to setup the development environment for Porter board with AGL distribution and latest Renesas BSP.

The following topics are covered:

  • instructions to setup the SDK environment based on AGL 1.0 and Renesas BSP
  • build a cross-platform C/C++ application
  • deploy the application on a target board
  • run and debug the application remotely

Download document [here].

This presentation focuses on the features of the AGL SDK solution proposed by

  • using Docker to create the SDK
  • SDK demo
  • future enhancements

This content has been first presented at the AGL All Member Meeting (Tokyo, Winter 2016)

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Light virtualisation is often viewed as a security mechanism providing isolation on a production device or as a quick deployment tool for Cloud services. But it can also be used in automotive projects as a tool to ease the development phase.

This presentation focuses on Docker benefits for the whole development cycle of an automotive project: it can increase build speeds and allows easier sharing of common snapshots between developers. Platform and application developments can also benefit from containers at various stages. Long term support is equally made easier.

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