Secured Industrial Embedded Linux

Bollo José


José worked for over ten years as a software developer on automation of measurement for industry (automotive and aviation). He worked mostly in C and C++ for DOS and Windows. Then he worked for over ten year as software engineer-researcher in audio signal processing: 3D audio rendering, noise reduction, echo cancellation, watermarking, voice recognition, voice recognition learning server farm, voice servers. This mixed many platforms: linux, windows, ARM based devices. He mostly used C/C++ but also mixed many java, html and javascript. After that, for almost three years, he worked on the Tizen project. He joined the security team of Tizen and released the security model of Tizen 3. He made presentations about Tizen's security. He has strong skills in C/C++ system programming and in Smack based linux security. He joined in 2015 and actively developped the core of the framework used by AGL.


  • 2015: Senior software engineer,

  • 2012-2015: Tizen development as release engineer and security expert,

  • 1997-2009: Research software engineer in audio signal processing,

  • 1987-1996: Software developer in automation of measure for automotive and aviation industries

About us

Depending on specific requirements attached to vertical markets such as automotive, telecoms, medical, marine, military and eventual dedicated hardware features for support. assembles necessary OpenSource components into a stable, coherent and tested Linux distribution.

Contact information

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