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Desneux Stéphane


Stéphane is a Principal Software Engineer and holds a master in Computer science & Electronics from ISEP, Paris. He began his career in the domain of databases and was specialized in datacenter technologies. Early adopter of Linux, he co-founded Open Care in 1999 which was one of the first IT companies in Europe to offer technical support, development and professional services on free software. Since then, his experience has led him to be responsible for multiple R&D departments, always involved in breakthrough technologies: digital signage, innovative web development, behavioral analysis on the web, embedded marine systems design. In the last years, as principal engineer in charge of Tizen:Common & IVI releases, Stéphane led Tizen 3.x efforts for Intel.


  • 2015: Co-founder of - CTO for this company.

  • 2012-2015: Principal engineer on Tizen project - Release Engineer for Tizen:Common/IVI

  • 2010-2012: Consultant in Embedded Systems - Designer of embedded marine systems

About us

Our redpesk® product: a software factory in a white box enabling you to speed up and control your embedded developments from the initial design cycle to your product end of life.

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