Secured Industrial Embedded Linux

Fernández Aragonés Rodrigo




Rodrigo is Argentinian and he graduated in Philosophy (National University of Cuyo) and in Programming (Web developer - National Technological University). He worked as a researcher in the philosophy of language (the relation between language and thought) and later in semiotics (the relation between a system of signs and its meanings). Motivated by this semiotic relationship he began his studies in programming and he worked for 4 years (2015-2019) as a web developer and researcher in user experience (UX). Still interested in code programming and the interfaces as systems of signs, he now develops applications focusing on the interaction between the user and the system used by him (Human-Computer Interaction).


About us

Depending on specific requirements attached to vertical markets such as automotive, telecoms, medical, marine, military and eventual dedicated hardware features for support. assembles necessary OpenSource components into a stable, coherent and tested Linux distribution.

Contact information

Halles St Louis,
    rue Docteur Bodelio
56100 Lorient
02 57 62 02 47