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Johann Gautier




Johann is an engineer in mechatronics (ENSIBS Lorient), coupled with a master's degree in electronics (I-MARS Lorient). He began his career by participating in the creation of a start-up in the field of security and defense in which, for 6 years, he designed products some of which are now used by the french anti-riot unit and counter-terrorism group (GIGN). Having been interested in the world of open source and embedded devices for a long time, he then joined the team in February 2020 where he is now working on electronics and embedded computing projects.


2020 - Today : - Embedded engineer

2013 - 2020 : Redcore - Head of Technical Development and partner of the Start-Up

2009 - 2013 : ENSIBS Lorient - Engineer degree in mechatronics

2012 - 2013 : UBS Lorient - master degree ‘I-MARS’ in Technology and Architecture of Electronic Systems

2007 - 2009 : IUT Troyes - Technical National Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing

About us

Our redpesk® product: a software factory in a white box enabling you to speed up and control your embedded developments from the initial design cycle to your product end of life.

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