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Valentin Lefebvre




Valentin Lefebvre obtained his Master's degree in Engineering in 2020 from the engineering school of Caen (ENSICAEN). He has expertise in Automatic systems and the Linux environment, moreover he is specialized in embedded system. He started to work with after this diploma, which allowed him to work with embedded linux projects and upgrade his skills in low level developments in collaboration with Hardware/Software engineers.



September 2020 - CDD -> CDI - Linux Embedded Engineer at

    (C - C++ - Makefile - Golang - Linux)

    Works for Redpesk product, creates some Binding programmes for embedded projects. Helps in Golang in the Backend


March 2020 - Internship - Linux Embedded Engineer at

    (C - C++ - Makefile - QT - Cross-build - Linux)

    Developed bindings following AGL code to use sensors in Boats


October 2019 - School Project & - Embedded Dev at ENSICAEN

    (C - STM32 - RTOS - Zephyr - One Wire)

    Demonstrated a POC to use Zephyr on STM32 with temperature sensors in one-wire.


September 2019 - School Project - Team Leader at ENSICAEN

    (C - I2C - Automatics - Real time Architecturing - Team Managment)

    Managed Embedded engineer team in the creation of a space robot


May 2019 - Internship abroad - Embedded Developper at Kajaani (Finland)

    (C - Real time - IOT - One-Wire)

    Used LoRa technology thanks to STM32 board to catch environmental data and print them to Grafana.

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