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We help you solve the growing complexity of your IoT Linux-based projects

Our redpesk® linux platform

Introducing redpesk®

redpesk® is the result of more than 10 years of work initiated at the time of the open source OS Tizen project developed at Intel Vannes (Brittany, France) for Samsung connected TVs and continued with another open source project : Automotive Grade Linux OS from the Linux Foundation.

Our experts have brought together the best of Linux technology coming from both IT and IoT worlds to enable you to easily build and maintain modern & secure connected systems.


  • a pre-integrated ready-to-go software factory to develop and maintain your system over the long term in optimal operational and cybersecurity conditions
  • with the factory, we offer a set of modern built-in core services you can cherry-pick to design your own OS

Cybersecurity & microservices architecture

Cybersecurity can not be added after the fact, must be well balanced and based on a platform not on humans. At the same time, a performing microservices architecture is a key for every modern system.

End-to-end & auditable

From sensors to the Cloud, transparent to applications

Loosely coupled services

HW / SW & Cloud independence


Smack or SELinux

Identity & external authentication

A secure gate handling access to target services


Ultralight-weight container called redpak

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Latest news

redpesk integrates zephyr

Our redpesk software factory becomes Multi-OS integrating Zephyr !

Release of redpesk® Batz 2.0

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