an expert company in cybersecurity and open source embedded software based in Brittany

About us

Based in Lorient (Brittany, France), has established an international reputation as Linux open source & cybersecurity experts for embedded markets (automotive, military, aeronautics, energy, maritime…).

We propose a SaaS (or on Premises) Linux platform (factory & OS) called 'redpesk' that enables our customers to easily develop and maintain their IoT projects in long term.

how it all started ? was founded in 2015 by Fulup Le Foll and Stéphane Desneux in Vannes (Brittany, France). The project originated from the first R&D centre of the American company Wind River (historical leader of the embedded software market), created in Vannes in the 90s. In the early 2010s, after WindRiver’s acquisition by Intel, a breton team was established to focus on Tizen OS project for Samsung (Tizen leads smart TV OS market).

In 2014, the team performed a world premiere : the 1st cross-build of a major embedded Linux distribution (Tizen) that demonstrated the feasibility of using IT Linux for embedded usage.

At its creation in 2015, became the main technical contributor of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) OS. AGL is a collaborative open source project led by the Linux Foundation and sponsored by major car-makers. Indeed, AGL selected Tizen IVI open source as a basis. In 2018, launched the development of its redpesk factory with the objective to adapt best-in-class IT Linux tech to IoT constraints.

Open source

No single company can solve alone the exponential complexity growth of embedded software. As in IT or mobile markets, Linux and open source strategy are a must have to share the costs and develop sustainable projects for connected cars, boats, planes...

That being said, long term success of the project based on open source components resides on the capability to get its patches and improvements to be accepted upstream by the open source community. This can only happen through well-known individuals, who are clearly identified and respected as experts within the community of developers. Open source development imposes teams with technical leaders that are officially known, accepted and respected as main contributors. Becoming accepted by the community can take years and starting an open source team without a strong and solid base of already well respected technical individuals remains hard, if not impossible. through its Intel/Tizen background had a unique opportunity to start from scratch with a 'ready to go' team base of well known and respected developers.