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With the exponential grows of software complexity, to keep under control the cost and time of critical embedded application development, a continuous testing infrastructure is a must have feature.

Not only software tests should be run early and automatically each time a developer push a new code commit in the system. But furthermore, as developers typically never get enough physical board to test from, it is a key to initially run tests in a virtualized environment. Nevertheless we should keep enough real hardware in the loop to limit virtualization/reality deviation and ensure developers can transparently move tests from virtualization to the real world.

This presentation shows how virtualization may ensure early code integration to reduce development/testing cycle, while at the same time keeping track with real hardware, to ensure that application is also running correctly on final production device. Finally it gives a feedback on the different challenges faced while deploying its solution of continuous tests. Then focuses on the way virtualization and real targets can be combined to offer to developers a complete and efficient CI infrastructure.

This talk was presented at Automotive Linux Summit and at FOSDEM 2022

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