Secured Industrial Embedded Linux

Beneteau Armand




Armand is an « Electronic and Industrial IT » engineer graduated from INSA Rennes. Moreover, he holds a Master of Engineering in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Strathclyde University in Glasgow (Scotland). In December 2014, he started his professional life at nke Watteco, in the low power Internet of Things (IoT) field (LoRaWAN technology), where he worked for 4 and a half years. He has designed several test bench electronic boards, used on the production line for functional tests. From the software point of view, he has developed in C language several wireless sensor firmware. Furthermore, he has actively taken part in a LoRaWAN gateway development, running on an embedded Linux kernel. Backed by this first professional experience, and interested in Linux systems and open-source communities, he took the decision in 2019 to join to take part in the various projects to which the company contributes.


2019 : - Linux Embedded Engineer

2014 - 2019 : Nke Watteco (Toulon (83) then Hennebont (56)) - Project Manager and Embedded Software Development Engineer

2014 : Strathclyde University (Glasgow, Scotland) - Master of Engineering in Electronic and Electrical Engineering

2014 : INSA of Rennes (35) - Engineer diploma in Electronic and Industrial IT

About us

Depending on specific requirements attached to vertical markets such as automotive, telecoms, medical, marine, military and eventual dedicated hardware features for support. assembles necessary OpenSource components into a stable, coherent and tested Linux distribution.

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