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The AGL controller is a new binding that was initially developed to address the lack of AGL mechanism to support policy/access-control in AAAA. The outcome of this effort is a fully generic controller that allows to “glue” many different components directly from a simple JSON configuration file. The resulting service is exposed as a native AGL binder. It is a real Swiss Knife and can be used to many different things for applications or services.AGL Controller is a pure Vanila AGL binding. It can be added transparently to any existing binder through the standard application framework import mechanism. The controller is fully compliant with AGL security model and offers for dynamic APIs the same level of protection that AGL already offers to static APIs.AGL controller is powerful and flexible. It allows developers to simply assemble pre-existing AGL APIs, to expose as AGL native binder a legacy/proprietary technologies. Finally it supports Lua as scripting language to glue everything together. Mixing Native/Script language is supported and a developer may choose to fast track demo in Lua script and later to port all/part in native C/C++ to improve performances.The presentation will show the architecture, the different components and will walk though a set of examples. At the end of the talk attendees should have a clean understanding on how to leverage AGL controller in their own applications.

Download the detailed PDF presentation: [here] (AGL/AMM Dresden/Germany Oct-2017)

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