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The modern vehicle is facing a fundamental problem: the more connected it gets, the more cybersecurity threats it faces.

Data link reliability or bandwidth changes caused by roaming also make it much harder to reliably push car sensor data to the cloud.

This presentation is about implementing a reliable Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) scheme in the AGL ecosystem.

It starts with lessons learned from real-world use cases: sending data from thousands of sensors to a cloud backend served by a choppy connection.

It then describes how the AGL microservice framework and its security model, coupled with RedisTimeSeries, can be used to securely and selectively funnel data from the target to the cloud.

The talk concludes with a proposal on how this infrastructure could be integrated into the core of AGL to benefit the community at large.

This talk was presented at the AGL All Member Virtual Meeting 2021.

Slides: [click here]

Video: [click here]


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