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BSP Development Kit allows developers to rebuild a complete bootable image from source code. It uses Yocto/Poky version 2.x with latest version of Renesas BSP and enables low-level development of drivers and system services.

BSP Development Kit is composed of:

  • A Docker container with AGL distribution preconfigured on Yocto 2.x.
  • A documentation guide on how to build from scratch an image for Porter (download [here])
  • A documentation guide on how to bake a new low level system service (download [here])



This presentation introduces the IoT and the "Connected Car" concept:

  • IoT revolution
  • AGL Project
  • Connected Car concept
  • Security challenges and solutions

The content has been first presented at the Data Day in IUT (University) of Vannes

 Download slides [here]

(This presentation was given at FOSDEM 2016, Brussels ; see link here)

 Here in, we are greatly concerned about applications for AGL ; not so much about writing them (though we do provide some !) than providing a easy-to-use framework for automotive developers.

Automotive development used to be a very specific field, with very specialized developers writing very low-level native code for a very specific brand of car. Meanwhile, newer concepts such as Application Stores and technologies such as HTML5 took power over the mobile (Smartphones & Tablets) market.

AGL specification 1.0 now explicitly mentions a store (see page 10) ! If we want to get there and gather developers from various backgrounds around AGL, we need to provide a cross-platform and easy way to publish applications.

Download slides [here]

(This presentation was given at Automotive Linux Summit 2016, Tokyo)

Software update is one of the most important feature in connected cars systems. Whereas it enables the deployment of some zero-day security fixes over the air, it can also enable new features deployment to enhance users' experiences and optimize time to market.

This presentation presents potentials open source solutions to prepare secure software update within an enforced environment. From early boot stage leveraging U-Boot signature which enables a trusted/verified boot, to some of the AGL distribution subsystems, some mechanisms such as system partitions, Trusted Zone are presented.

Download slides [here]

Next generation of car will be connected and connected car will be attacked. They is absolutely no doubt about those two assertions, and AGL should prepare itself to face this reality. This presentation given during Tokyo AGL/AMM/2016 reviews major security challenges that Automotive Grade Linux should address and will expose some existing technical options to address them.

  • Application Framework
  • Security Model
  • Applications and Operating System Update
  • Secure Boot 

Download slides [here]

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