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Forlot Romain


Romain worked for over ten years as the Linux System Administrator in the Syleps group (industrial IT). He worked mostly on Linux, AIX Unix and MS Windows. He was in charge of an Open Source supervision service development. The service being sold began using Nagios then upgraded to Shinken which Romain was a core developer of. In addition to that, he worked on different technologies like Oracle Application Server and Database, Spacewalk and Active Directory. Linux early adopter since the beginning of 2000, he likes to spread its philosophy and participates a bit with Fedora 18 documentation. Now working in IOT.BZH, he is in charge of the Signaling part of AGL. He presented the signaling CAN framework in Karlsruhe 2017 and he participates in several others components, especially the AGL Test framework binding.


  • 2016 : Embedded Engineer at ,

  • 2006-2016 : System Administrator at Syleps Group ,

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