redpesk® BSP integration

An easy way to manage BSPs coming from SoC vendors

How BSPs are managed in redpesk®

A Board Support Package (BSP) is a set of software components and drivers that enables an operating system to work on a specific hardware platform or computer board. It is a key part in the embedded world. redpesk® allows simple BSP integration by considering BSP components as classic applications. As such, it implies that the BSP's build and development process is fully under control, which in turn allows BSPs Long Term Support.

bsp in redpesk creation

Our nightly build images

Ready-to-use images for various embedded boards are available at These images are based on the BSPs and include pre-installed packages useful for quick prototyping. They can be easily customised to fit your requirements by anyone using our redpesk® software factory. A full list of the “ready to flash” redpesk® OS disk images of all our officially supported boards is available here.

the list od BSPs

Yocto BSPs vs redpesk® BSPs


  • one or more layers

  • one or more providers

  • modifications could be made by anyone, anywhere

  • upgrades per image only

  • no Long Term Support


  • one project per BSP

  • one specfile per application

  • no OS rebuilds

  • is a classic redpesk® project

  • upgrades either per package or image

  • modifications are under redpesk® control (user/team management)

  • Long Term Support

redpesk® BSP's key benefits

  • a BSP is a set of RPMs, no more recipes

  • Only few clicks to update (new src + rebuild)

  • Long-term reusability with redpesk® (LTS)